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G4M Betty - Page 5

Only the tail section of the Betty has been restored; however, it has been well done.

H-G4M-Door-13s.jpg (36K) H-G4M-Door-3s.jpg (35K) H-G4M-Interior-17s.jpg (29K) H-G4M-LeftFront-20s.jpg (43K) H-G4M-LeftFront-28s.jpg (38K)
Door (36K)            Door (35K)         Interior (29K)        Left Front (43K)     Left Front (38K)

H-G4M-MakerPanel-22.jpg (42K) H-G4M-SideWindows-13s.jpg (18K) H-G4M-SideWindows-6s.jpg (33K) H-G4M-Tail-10s.jpg (40K) H-G4M-Tail-11s.jpg (37K)
Maker Panel (42K) Side Windows (18K) Side Windows (33K)  Left Tail (40K)     Tail (37K)

H-G4M-Tail-21s.jpg (26K) H-G4M-Tail-23s.jpg (25K) H-G4M-Tail-24s.jpg (37K) H-G4M-Tail-25s.jpg (27K) H-G4M-Tail-26s.jpg (31K)
Left Tail (26K)     Left Tail (25K)         Tail (37K)         Left Tail (27K)          Tail (31K)

H-G4M-Tail-27s.jpg (31K) H-G4M-Tail-4s.jpg (31K) H-G4M-Tail-5s.jpg (38K) H-G4M-Tail-7s.jpg (32K) H-G4M-Tail-8s.jpg (36K)
Left Tail (31K)        Tail (31K)         Left Tail (38K)        Tail (32K)         Left Tail (36K)

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