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Champlain Air Museum - April 2003

german_cross.gif Jumo TA-152 Engine - Page 14

This Jumo engine was identified as coming from a TA-152. It looks like it could run tomorrow. It has been well preserved. Notice the extremely fine finning in the cowl radiator.

C-JumoTA152-1s.jpg (60K) C-JumoTA152-2s.jpg (62K) C-JumoTA152-3s.jpg (52K) C-JumoTA152-4s.jpg (48K) C-JumoTA152-5s.jpg (63K)
            Right Side (60K)      Left Side (62K)      Radiator Detail (52K)   Radiator Detail (48K)     Left Side (63K)            
Focke Wulf 190D

A restoration that is just about complete. This aircraft will be in the Champlain private collection, and will NOT be leaving Phoenix.

C-FW190D-1s.jpg (67K) C-FW190D-2s.jpg (44K) C-FW190D-3s.jpg (53K) C-FW190D-4s.jpg (35K) C-FW190D-5s.jpg (41K)
             Right Fuselage (67K)     Right Tail (44K)      Right Fuselage (53K)        Right Front (35K)    Right Front (41K)         
C-FW190D-6s.jpg (51K) C-FW190D-7s.jpg (43K)
            Right Fuselage (51K)     Right Front (43K)         

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